Thursday, January 6, 2011

Long way down to Batopilas

65km and 6 hours later maybe more we made it to the bottom to Batopilas the old mining town. The bridge was made for donkeys and horses, to drive on it with a car its only one at a time

We chuckled when we saw this man made bridge crossing the river . Later we would experince it

We were about 40minutes away from anywhere and here was this Tarahumara man walking down the road. They are very private people and do not really like to have their pictures taken.

Our Guide said he was likey coming or going to town to sell his goods or purchase something.

The call the above picture the 7 layer cake. This is about half way down the switchbacks

We came across numerous burro on the road, I think they had the right ideal as the road was very nerve racking in the car. Each sharp switchback you wondered if the car would make the turn or were we going over the side.

This does not even start to show how steep and tight the road was. We were fortunate not to have met any other traffic on the trip down as there are areas where you have to back up a long ways before two vehicles can pass one another.

The different switchs on the picture above were taken just before the 28 km sign looking down at the next picture we can not even imagine making it to the bottom as the first 37kms were pretty bad.

The views were fantastic. We also decided that they could never pave this road unless they enlarged enough for two vehicles to pass. As it is now they just watch for the dust rising to tell if they have to wait at certain areas for a car to pass, or which way it is heading.