Friday, January 7, 2011

We planned on going to see the lost Mission, Noel thought we should walk he would give us a head start and come along later and see if we wanted a lift it is only about 1 to 2 hour walk. Just before we left town we noticed this water pipe with the unquie clamps on it. Noel insured us it was a very flat road. Jim took off for a fast walk, well Lynn, Bonnie and myself enjoyed the views and took numerous pictures and video as we strolled along

Noel passed us and its getting a little steep.
The river here is used for washing clothes, cars, watering cattle, horses, and goats and of course some people drink it.

This little one is watching over the wash while farther down another is hanging it out to dry

This truck stopped and asked Lynn and I if we wanted a ride. We should have taken it as some other folks took up the same kind of offer and were treated to a party .

This young fellow is net fishing, while Mom was doing the wash not to far away

It took us awhile to figure out that they were spear fishing across the river.

We noticed numerous house on the other side with no way to get to them except by swimming across. We did notice that they had rigged small cable cars to pull goods and maybe even small people across.

Well there is the lost church, its hard to imagine a Jesuit priest coming ways out here in the middle of nowhere to start a church.

In the last 5 years they have redone the church giving it a more modern look the locals say they thought it looked better the other way.