Saturday, January 8, 2011

last leg before the hotel in Creel

Well we made it back to Creel we told Noel that we wanted a nice hotel not like what we had the first time here.
The outside does not look like much

But wait till you see the inside

We went through a ton of wood and the 2 bedrooms had propane heaters in each.

Pots, pans, dishes soap, everything you could need except a sharp knife, we borrowed one from the next unit.

We all felt that we were in a Swizz Chalet , what a treat after the drive back up here

We are getting closer to Creel the raod is now paved

We found this lady on the side of the road and we still had some material to get rid of plus the school supplies that Noel was going to drop off for us

They do not believe in leaving the logs to long, at first we thought this was only once in a while,but no this is how they log them

Well we are on pavement but the road is still full of lots of curves and tight turns