Thursday, January 6, 2011

Short cut

Noel are guide told us that now we would start on the rest of our long drive for the day but 1st he would take us on a short cut. This short cut was very rough litlle did we know the rest of the day would be very similar.

The short cut ended at this lake where he suggested we get out and follow the lake edge around to the other side where he would met us. Talk about trust worthy folks we all got out and walked. It was a beautiful lake it almost looked like we were back in BC, there were about 100 campsites here.

After meeting Noel on the other side we drove on good pavement for about 30 minutres, before we ran into road consturction as you can see the road is very tight for two vehicles
Once the truck got closer Noel noticed a slight problem before we could pass one another

He made the driver push the rock back before we would proceed. Around Lunch time we pulled over to the side of the road and made Tuna Tacos and enjoyed the view. We were just barley through the first set of valleys
We had just started to drive on the dirt road to Batopilas when we noticed this new Mom and her Kids, Jim and Bonnie said the one kid was not more then 15 min. old. Noel decided this would be another good place for all of us to get out and walk a little.