Thursday, January 6, 2011

tarahumara cave, home, and hoodos

We Left town heading what we all thought was south and headed to a Tarahumara homestead. They original lived in caves but have now moved into small houses The inside is covered in soot and they have it set up like a store inside. I do not think they live in it anymore

They number the boards on the house so that it makes it easy to take it down and move it to a new area

From their we drove over to a couple of differnet areas where they have what we call Hoodos at home, the wind and rain has eroded the sand stone I guess the Tarahumara natives feel that these areas with the rock formations are scared.
As we were driving to the next place, the farmers were trying to get the bull to come with them and go for a truck ride. The bull had other plans and just layed down. We could not figure out why they would not just bring the truck to the bull instead of the other way around

We all though this on did look like a frog. It was hard to get a picture with out someone showing their goods for sale in the pictures

Imagine just hanging around waiting for people to come out and look at the sandstone and hoping someone will purchase what every you are selling

This is one of settlements that one family group will occupy not much around its just like the old days when pioneers came and settled the prairies. Lots of fine dust

This is called the Mushroom rock we just did not see it.