Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back in Batopilas for 2nd day

After leaving the lost mission we headed back to Batopilas to have lunch do a little sight seeing till about 2:00pm when Noel would take us across the rivier.
Cows not only use the river for water they have assigned parking spots

The Church in Batopilas had numerous stained glass windows throught out it.

Not only was the drive down to this town on a narrow road, there streets are also narrow there are only 3 roads in town. None are marked as one way either

This bridge is used to get to school and also for access to the few homes we saw on the other side it is just wide enough for two small people to pass on it.

We are not sure if they onlygive out traffic tickets or if they are a full police office, we did notice a military yard about 1hour out of town close to La Bufa

We thought this was the way to build a ladder so the workers could get to the second floor