Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pavement to waterfall

Well we are just about to the top and will be starting to head down to Creel These ladies and girls were waiting in the shadows at that waterfall for tourists to come and buy there wares

We were all impressed with the water fall

When Noel told us to walk across the dry river bed we all thought the waterfall would not be much

To get to the waterfall we had to drive on a very bumpy road and through one very large puddle

Log house just like we used to have

To the water fall park

The road is smooth

This is one of the richest Tarahumara bands they have all the old paintings from all the old mission on their land.The day we arrived they were washing blankets and hanging them out to dry

This is the church and museum with all the paintigs no pictures were allowed, but some of the painting were very old

The road into the mission