Saturday, January 8, 2011

dirt road to pavement

It's 9:00am we have picked up 3 more people they were to catch a bus out this am but it never showed. We are hoping the ride up will be better then the ride down, its still a long way upWell we have seen people walking and goats on the road

shear rock walls that are pink in color, in some places we are so close to the rock its amazing that we have not scraped the SUV

there seems to be a vehicle in front of that has left a group of children on the hillside in a cloud of dust. We are all hoping they are going the same direction.

Noel thought this might be a good place to stop as Debbie and one of our hitchhikers are getting a little sick.Finally it looks like we are getting close to the paved roadWhen they say steep they mean steep

See even the line painter was overwhelmed by the drive up the canyon