Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting on the Train

We took a cab from the hotel to the train station where we hung around for about a hour before the Train arrived. We chose the 1st class train it was not full so you could wander between cars and take pictures between the cars without having to shoot through windows.

Looking forward
Looking backwards

The Dinning Car it has the best views and cleanest windows and does not seem to sway as much

When we got on they ask where you are going and then suggest that you sit in certian spots, they do not make you stay in them. Now when we came back on the 2nd class train you had to stay in the seat they assigned and that train was very busy

We were really impressed with the uniforms that all the staff wore on the train, from the conductor to the chef in the dinning car they are all in uniforms

This poster shows the elevations we will be going up and down

We thought we heard the Train coming so we started looking down the tracks

This is the station where do you buy the tickets, oh you purchase them right on the train.